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inspiral massage

 The Inspiral massage process is grounded in genuine care for the wellbeing of clients.

 Inspiral massage practitioners pride themselves on providing an effective, personalised service in a relaxing environment Whether you are recovering from injury, suffer from aches and pain or you just need to relax your mind and body

When applied with care,

Inspiral Massage will help you achieve

your personal wellbeing goals.

Junko Maekawa

 Junko is a Remedial Massage therapist and Shiatsu practitioner who has lived in Melbourne for over 15 years, originally from Japan.

Studied Remedial massage and Shiatsu for 2 years at East West Natural therapy college, and graduated in 2012.

 Deep interest in natural therapy and believing in holistic work.  Junko's bodywork began at an early age when she used to massage her grandmother. She discovered the nurturing effect, both emotionally and physically that massage can have on the body. Junko grew up in a hectic family business environment, which was rewarding but also very demanding.

 This inspired her to want to help people unwind from their stressful activities of daily living and bring about positive change.

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