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more about Junko Maekawa

 Junko is a very passionate massage therapist with a warm and sincere approach, tailored
to her clients needs Her therapeutic approach is a combination of Eastern ( Shiatsul ) and
Western  ( Remedial ) techniques.


 Her treatment incorporates the use of

- Deep tissue massage
- Cupping

- Moxa

- Joint mobilisation

- Acupressure / Trigger point therapy

- Stretching

 In order to open up meridian channels relieving pain and spasm.

The aim is to increase inner vitality.

 Junko believes this can be expressed as an overall improvement in well being.

Feeling grounded, calm, and light are

positive signs that you're progressing favorably.

 This supports your body's natural ability to

deal with stress and illness. 

Attended workshops 

- Advanced Pregnancy & Postnatal massage with Suzanne Yates 

- Certificate of Pregnancy massage with Catherine Mclnerney

- Myofascial Cupping with David Sheehan

- Traditional Japanese Moxibustion Therapy with Paul Movsessian 

- Sei Tai So with Lance Dixon 

- Six Forms of Touch with Bill Palmer    

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